Friday, July 07, 2017

The Beautiful John Hardy Classic Chain Hammered Ring

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This John Hardy Classic Chain Hammered Ring is something that makes a great gift. The patterned base of this ring is something that is interesting and will stir up conversations, making the ring something that will get people talking and help individuals to connect. This ring from John Hardy is something that is fashioned of sterling silver and 18K bonded yellow gold. It's a piece that is special and has great value.

John Hardy has been designing jewelry items for many years and the designer continues to put out pieces that are fresh and new. The John Hardy brand was established in 1975, and it has grown through the years to become something that is great and worthy of attention. The brand was established in Bali, and the jewelry that is designed by the brand has made a mark on the whole world. John Hardy was enchanted by the beauty of Bali and inspired to create great things because of the beauty that he found there.


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