Monday, January 14, 2013

Beatriz Ball in Purdy Rugged Chic

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Dun your ten-gallon hats and get your oh-be-joyfuls out because Beatriz Ball is going Western. The Mexico-based metalware brand has been known for its innovative designs that exude individuality and depth of character. More than 20 years into its existence, Beatriz Ball portrays the West-side country with such style and skilful craftsmanship sure to do any cowboy proud – alive or belly-up. The Western Cowboy Boot wine bucket and Hat chip & dip are functional masterpieces made of FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminium alloy.  The realistic form and rich texture of the boot makes it a showcase in itself, but it works just as well as a wine chiller and floral arrangement holder. The cowboy hat is exceptional in its simplified dignity as well as its ingenuity. Right side up, it’s a swell chip and salsa platter. Flipped over, it becomes a liberal ice bucket. As they say it back there, Kinda purdy, ain’t it? 
Schiffman’s Jewelers in Downtown Greensboro is an authorized dealer for Beatriz Ball.


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