A Real Smart Watch Is One That Preserves Legacy

For some of our customers, timepieces are purely functional. You check the time (even if adjust it a few days after daylight savings) and you slide them back under your sleeve. But, timepieces are rich in tradition. The time honored history of preserving a watch to be passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. The heirloom that lends another level of connection through the generations. The certain sense of success a fine watch projects.

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How to Propose with an Heirloom Engagement Ring

“Something old, something new” is how the wedding “good luck” formula begins. Weddings are full of traditions and bringing in an heirloom ring can make it even more special. If you’re about to propose with a family ring, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Appraisals, sizing, and discussing with your fiancé and family all come into play.

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Introducing Wellendorff's Necklace of the Year

For many people, stories of friends, family and even complete strangers find their way into our daily conversations - evoking joy and nostalgia. We envision the past and relive happiness whereas we picture the future and see unease. Secrets of time unlived elicit worry and woe on a yearly, weekly and sometimes even an hourly basis.

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Aquamarines: The Story Behind March’s Birthstone

Those with March birthdays are infinity lucky because they’ve got the luck of the Irish on the their side, even St. Patrick at their patron saint! But that’s not the only reason they are lucky. March babies are fortunate to have the aquamarine as their birthstone.

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