Meet the Newest Omega Speedmaster: Apollo 8

Think about the rarest thing you have every seen. Maybe it was a wild animal, a secret geographic location, or a rare piece of art or sculpture. For most of us, these glimpses of a singularity are unique to us but could actually be sought out by most people. For the crew of Apollo 8 during their 1968 space mission, the experience they lived through was truly rare.

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Diamonds: The Meaning Behind April’s Birthstone

Diamonds play a few different roles in the cast of precious gemstones. While they are widely known as the universal symbol of love, they are also April’s birthstone. Some may think it’s unfair that so many women get to wear them but, to the contrary, those with April birthdays feel they are lucky to wear the world’s most prized jewel everyday of their lives!

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On the Runway: Accessorizing with Brooches

For many years, the modest brooch has been neglected and left to collect dust in your grandmother’s jewelry box or found in on display at neighborhood yard sales. But now they’ve come back in style, showing up as statement accessories on the runways of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Emilio Pucci and more.

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How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring (Without Feeling Guilty!)

Your engagement ring has it's own story to tell. It’s a memory of the day you and your husband began your life's greatest adventure together. So, how can you upgrade the most romantic piece of jewelry you own while preserving the sentimental value? We, at Schiffman's, have an "easy button" for that.

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