Omega Constellation Co-Axial Ladies Gold 35mm Watch

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This Omega constellation co-axial watch is made of gold, with beautiful diamonds all throughout and around the face. It is an elegant watch that has been crafted well to make any woman feel special when she slips it onto her wrist. The diamonds are all placed elegantly in a swirled pattern, and there is a small star in the center of them all. The band of the watch is all gold, and even though it is a bit thick, it is still a very classy piece. This watch has everything that it needs to stand out and be a bold statement piece, and yet it is simple in its features, as well.

Omega was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, a man who was talented in creating watches. He created key wound pocket watches and started selling them across Europe. When his sons took over the company they began to branch out even more and turn his watches into something bigger. Now, Omega creates gorgeous watches for both men and woman. The materials used in these watches are often gold, silver, and diamonds. They are high quality watches that everyone feels good owning and wearing, and some of the watches have unique designs on them, while others are completely classic. Each one of the watches is made carefully to be something that anyone will feel proud to own.

Waterford Fleurology Ruby 12 inch Rose Bowl

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This Waterford Fleurology Ruby 12 inch Rose Bowl is something that can be added to a home in order to transform the whole space. This bowl is not very large in size, but the look of it is something that is so special that it will draw attention and cause those who see it to step closer and admire it. Made of crystal, this bowl is something that is valuable and something that will be cherished. This bowl features a carefully crafted beautiful design all around it. It's colored in a bold way, helping it to make a statement in the room in which it is placed. This bowl can be used to display flower petals, floating candles, or flower bouquets.

Waterford has been around since 1783, and they have worked hard to put out quality pieces in all of the years that they have been working. Their original work was recognized for its purity right away, and they were admired for the way in which they completed each project. Waterford still practices the ancient craft of mold making, and they are one of the few companies out there today that still does that. They put time and attention into each design that they create, and they work hard to make sure that everything that they put out is special.

The Unique Wellendorff Pure Delight Necklace

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The Wellendorff Pure Delight Necklace is something that will stir up conversations and cause everyone to stop what they are doing and take notice of the one who is wearing it. This necklace has something different to offer, and it is truly a special piece. It features three gold strands that work together to create an interesting finish. The diamond detail on this necklace adds to its elegance and adds beauty to the overall design. This necklace is made of delicate 18K yellow gold, but is also available in white gold.

Wellendorff has been around since 1893, creating great pieces of jewelry through the years. They are a company that has come through a lot and that has gained much experience through the years. The company began to make signet rings in 1947, and they made them of solid gold, making a name for themselves. Every piece of jewelry that is created by the Wellendorff brand is made with careful attention to detail.


Annieglass Leaves Palm Frond Large Platter

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Nothing says elegance like a well crafted platter, and this platter from Annieglass will set the mood for every dinner. It is a special piece in a unique shade of green, and it will bring life to a party when it is set out in the middle of the table. It is made to look like leaves, and all of the texture and detailing in this platter make it into the statement piece that will have everyone jealous. The edges are not even, but there are grooves and indents to make it all the more unique. The curves and fluted palm leaves make this the perfect piece to set fruit in and leave on the table for days on end.

Annieglass has been in love with the art of making glass for over thirty years, since she first saw glass being blown by another artist. She graduated from California University with a degree that would help to make her into the successful glass artist that she is today. She practiced and did what she could to come up with some good ideas for the glass she wanted to create, and then in the 1980s she was able to take her dreams and form them into the brand that now makes all kinds of platters, plates, and bowls all with unique and beautiful designs.

Lagos Diamond Lux Heart Pendant Necklace

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The Lagos Diamond Lux Heart Pendant Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry for the stylish woman.

Made of sterling silver and 18 karat gold this heart shaped pendant is sure to become a family heirloom you will pass down for many generations. The chain is adjustable from 16" to 18" so you can achieve the perfect fit for you.

On this beautiful necklace, you will find diamonds flanked by 18 karat gold, all framed in Caviar beading for a gorgeous and sophisticated look.

The diamonds on this beautiful necklace are LAGOS diamonds. Lagos Designs uses only the finest diamonds. With 58 facets in the cut of each diamond, these gems are nothing less than magical. Lagos Designs uses only diamonds with a G-H Color and SI Clarity. LAGOS diamonds are round, brilliant cut diamonds. All of this means you are getting a piece of jewelry with top-quality diamonds that will dazzle you with their brilliance.

Lagos Designs was founded by Steven Lagos in 1977. Steven believes that "jewelry is one of the most personal, significant forms of art." He is inspired by the sights and sounds of his travels to Asia and Europe. He designs jewelry with a particular type of woman in mind. This ideal of a woman encompasses timeless elegance, integrity, and sensuality. His jewelry is designed with this woman in mind.

Mr. Lagos' vision is so much more than product design, it encompasses and leads the entire LAGOS organization. A vision this broad and all-encompassing makes itself evident in exquisite jewelry. The Lagos Diamond Lux Heart Pendant Necklace is no exception. It is a piece you can be proud to wear.

The Exquisite Tudor Heritage Black Bay Wristwatch

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Stories abound surrounding the Tudor name. Watches that have been run over by trains and continued to function, dropped from aircraft, watches that can dive more deeply than the average athlete and never leak. These are the watches that will be heirlooms for the owner's next of kin. Many proud owners have been wearing the same watch every day for thirty-five years and more and of course, no need for batteries in these fully automatic timepieces.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel and Gold Wristwatch is a perfect example of these fine Swiss-made timepieces. This particular beauty with its sixty-year history features a heavy "rivet" gold and steel bracelet that cradles its forty-one-millimeter solid steel case. Updated for today's wearer, the black face is surrounded by a luxurious burgundy matte finish disc that really enhances its wide, easily visible hands and hour markers. Believe us, even strangers will be asking you what brand of watch that is, and where you got it. Many Tudor owners sleep with their watch firmly attached to their wrists.

Remember, these timepieces are so unique that only an authorized repair facility may clean, repair or make other adjustments. With other timepieces, no matter what the cost, you have to take it to some neighborhood jeweler and hope for the best.

Go to an authorized Tudor jeweler today and ask to try on your Tudor Heritage Black Bay steel and gold Wristwatch. Warning! You won't be able to take it off.


Triple Crescent Earrings by Penny Preville

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The Penny Preville Triple Crescent Earrings are both stunning and elegant. They are hand crafted from 18 k gold and high-quality diamonds. They diamonds are set in a design that will give a lifetime of beauty and sophistication. These earrings elevate any look and would be perfect for most occasions including the perfect accent for your office attire.

Penny Preville is an award winning jewelry designer that has had her pieces featured on network television shows and has adorned some of Hollywood's A-list elite actresses. Her jewelry is feminine and innovative with plenty of detail and style. If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone then these earrings are sure to impress. If you are looking for a versatile and stylish set of earrings for yourself that will accentuate just about any outfit, then you should invest in these incredible earrings.

If you are desire luxury and charm, then Penny Preville jewelry is the epitome of originality and beauty. When someone wears one of her pieces they instantly add interest and sophistication to their look. The Triple Crescent Earrings are sure to be a collection favorite and will add years of enjoyment and flair to a person's look. When you wear a Penny Preville items, you can count on quality that brings originality and interest to the wearer that will be an eye catcher and a conversation piece.

The Beautiful John Hardy Classic Chain Hammered Ring

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This John Hardy Classic Chain Hammered Ring is something that makes a great gift. The patterned base of this ring is something that is interesting and will stir up conversations, making the ring something that will get people talking and help individuals to connect. This ring from John Hardy is something that is fashioned of sterling silver and 18K bonded yellow gold. It's a piece that is special and has great value.

John Hardy has been designing jewelry items for many years and the designer continues to put out pieces that are fresh and new. The John Hardy brand was established in 1975, and it has grown through the years to become something that is great and worthy of attention. The brand was established in Bali, and the jewelry that is designed by the brand has made a mark on the whole world. John Hardy was enchanted by the beauty of Bali and inspired to create great things because of the beauty that he found there.

The Mikimoto Black South Sea Baroque Cultured Pear And Opal Pendant

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The Mikimoto black South Sea Baroque cultured pearl and opal pendant is a breathtaking piece of jewelry that will turn heads and create a look of elegance and sophistication. Mikimoto cultured pearls are known for their quality and perfect appearance. Each pearl is hand selected for its shape and size and must adhere to Mikimoto's strict guidelines to be used in their stunning jewelry pieces.

The pendant is a 16mm Baroque cultured pearl that features a 10.73 ct. stunning opal that is expertly set just above the black pearl. Both the opal and the black pearl are surrounded by 4.07 ct. of incredible diamonds that create a stunning contrast around the entire pendant. This pendant would be the perfect accent piece for any upscale or formal occasion. It has beauty, style, sophistication that is combined with a unique design that will stand out and become a conversation piece. Mikimoto jewelry is designed to give lasting beauty and style that will last a lifetime.

Mikimoto has been creating stunning cultured pearl jewelry since 1893 that has captured the interest of jewelry enthusiasts all over the world. Today, Mikimoto jewelry is considered to be the highest quality in the world and is sought after by individuals that wish to express their style and excellent taste in fine jewelry. Whether it is a gift for that special someone or a gift to yourself, you can be assured that this stunning pendant will be an addition to your collection that you will love for years to come.


Lagos caviar spark diamond stud earrings

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Lagos Caviar Spark square diamond stud earrings represent the forever chic. Eclectic boldness coupled with subtle, sophisticated bling combine for the ultimate fashion accessory. Signature Caviar beading make these the perfect pair to wear for formal and informal events. A classic square shape is one of the defining touches. The textured beading is an exclusive Lagos design technique. The studs feature Omega clip closure for added comfort and security. 

As always, Lagos offers timeless elegance using high quality natural stones for dramatic, iconic style. Steven Lagos and the company’s staff of jewelers and silversmiths are producers of fine jewelry since 1977, reflecting art and master craftsmanship in each creation. Catch the bright lights with this exquisite jewelry and never let go of that sparkle during the day or at night. Not only are they beautiful, these earrings are a style investment to pass from one generation to the next.

Browse the complete Caviar Spark collection for engagement rings, eye-catching bracelets, and necklaces that shimmer and shine with any outfit. Mix or match your selections, embrace the originality and glamour of each piece. The new collection and best sellers, such as the Luna Pearl bracelet and the Diamond Lux Beaded ring, are divine. All of these unique items are available at the Lagos flagship store on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, and over 300 luxury department stores nationwide.


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