Our History

Schiffman’s Jewelers – History

Happenstance brought young Simon Schiffman, a watchmaker, to Greensboro in 1893 where–– while stretching his legs between trains––he discovered a jewelry store for sale and decided to make it his own.

Immediately after taking ownership of the jewelry store and changing the name on the storefront to Schiffman’s, Simon replaced the store’s existing inventory with that of a higher quality. His values and high standards for service and quality form the pillars of Schiffman’s Jewelers today: the importance of family, community service and hard work, as well as, representation of the highest quality merchandise.

Simon’s son Arnold ushered the company into the roaring 20s. A certified gemologist, Arnold was an early advocate for the retail jewelry business; he joined the American Gem Society (AGS) at its inception and later helped to organize Retail Jewelers of America, becoming its first president. Arnold moved the store to a new, larger location on Greensboro’s Elm Street, where the company continues to operate today.

In the 60s, Arnold’s son Tony began making his mark on the company: opening additional Schiffman’s locations in North Carolina, and purchasing other businesses with heritage and standards similar to their own throughout the country. Tony was inducted into the national Retail Jewelers Hall of Fame in 2012.

Now under the leadership of the family’s fourth generation, Arnold III, Vance and Lane, the firm remains true to the standards and traditions put into practice by their great-grandfather, Simon.

In addition to its flagship store at 225 South Elm Street, Schiffman’s has stores in Friendly Center in Greensboro and Stratford Village in Winston-Salem.